CS Additive GmbH: The carbon and sulphur specialist

Premium quality and supply reliability make us one of the leading producers of carbon and sulphur products for steel works, iron foundries as well as the chemicals industry. Our product portfolio also comprises specially processed carbon qualities for brake lining manufacture, for the production of non-ferrous metals and for special applications (e.g. lubricants). Our carbon products are sold worldwide under the name Carbolux®.
In the sulphur product range, we offer the broadest palette of solid and speciality sulphur products in Europe.

Market leader for low-sulphur recarburiser pellets

Longstanding, strategic partnerships assure us continuous access to highly pure graphite fines which are processed into graphite pellets at our carbon plant in Brüggen. The crucial advantage: Our graphite pellets are almost free of sulphur and nitrogen, which makes them highly sought after globally for the production of nodular, vermicular and grey cast iron. What is more, our graphitic recarburiser pellets are also used to manufacture nitrogen-sensitive, high-carbon steels.


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