Our range comprises:

  • Powdered Sulphur with Cab-O-Sil or other additives according to customer requirements
  • Lump Sulphur
  • Granulated Sulphur in a range of grain sizes
  • Powdered Sulphur
  • Roll Sulphur
  • Slab Sulphur
  • Rotoform Sulphur (Sulphur Pastilles)

Market leader for sulphur specialities

We produce our sulphur specialities from 99.9% pure liquid sulphur for customers in more than ten industrial sectors. The wide ranged product portfolio is characterised by an extraordinarily high product quality, defined by purity, shape and consistency, and forms the basis for our customers' efficient production processes. 

Thanks to one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, we can fulfil a wide variety of individual customer wishes – depending on their requirements. For example, we are one of only a few global producers of roll sulphur. 

We are market leader for solid sulphur due to the combination of the best raw materials, many years of expertise, high-end production processes and efficient logistics.

Our technical service engineers provide you with tailored support when selecting the most economic products for your needs.

CS Additive GmbH
Cranger Straße 2-16
45699 Herten

Tel.: +49 2366 1057-0
Fax: +49 2366 88047
Email: info(a)cs-additive.de

Contact Person:
Dr. Jan-Chr. Schrag   +49 2366 1057-30    jan-christopher.schrag(a)cs-additive.de
Ulrich Köster     +49 2366 1057-11     ulrich.koester(a)cs-additive.de


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